You can find more blog posts about the jobs we have completed by visiting our “Work” page found in the top right corner of this site.  Simply click on an image you are interested in learning more about and it will redirect you to a blog post about that job.  These posts typically includes a larger photo portfolio of that particular job.   Below is an example of one such blog post.  It is about Grooms Aluminum Processing, LLC:

With the knowledge of processing and smelting aluminum, Dwayne Grooms requested a 100′ x 200′ x 28′ building to be erected in Ashville, AL. Grooms Aluminum Processing, LLC is currently fully functional and has been since 2014 when we completed the project. They process and sell the aluminum product bringing in more revenue to the Ashville community. I believe it’s important to point out that recycled aluminum can also be used for buildings. In fact 95% of aluminum in buildings is recycled. Therefore, if you take the time to recycle your aluminum products you can not only help local recycling plants grow by offering more jobs to the area and bringing in more revenue; but also, help our company grow as we continue building metal structures.